The Order of Time

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book review of carlo rovelli the order of time

This 250-pages book is probably the most concise book written on time: what is it that passes by, the distinction between the past and the future, is there a universal time, can the origin of time be discovered, is it possible to travel in time, or to exist outside of it, what would a world without time be like; questions of such nature have been answered in the book.

The author is renowned Italian theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli who is the founder of loop quantum gravity theory. Just so you know, the LQG theory competes with string theory as a candidate for the theory of everything! In the book, Rovelli has tried to simplify his important theoretical work in order to describe the concept of time to us ordinary folks.

He has derived inspiration from both physics and philosophy; anecdotes from his life are included to elicit a bonding with the author; language used throughout is layperson friendly; subject matter is complimented by witty illustrations; all of this put together weave a beautiful picture of time in the manner such that you cannot put the book down but keep on want to reading!

By the end of it you may even want to greet Carlo Rovelli in person probably give him a tight warm hug if possible. Because, this is not just another physics book: his writing is like storytelling; meaning that there are ups and downs throughout the story; you will cry at some point or the other. In fact, to put it more correctly, the order of time is poetry of physics!

carlo rovelli benedict cumberbatch order of time book review
Even Sherlock Holmes was genuinely impressed

According to Ian Thomson from Observer, "Not since Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time has there been so genial an integration of physics and philosophy!" Which is true; the difference though is that while A Brief History of Time was a general guide to the universe with only one chapter on time this book on the other hand specializes in time and time only!

Benedict Cumberbatch who is famous for having played characters like Sherlock, Doctor Strange, Hawking and Khan Noonien Singh has recorded the audio version of the book in his iconic voice. The audiobook is four hours and nineteen minutes long available on Amazon. He told, "Time is something we think we know about instinctively; Rovelli shows how profoundly strange it really is!"

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Carlo has filled the gap with this book really; how is that? Because, there have been books in plenty about space and stuff but none come to mind about time. In the book, he debunks what we know already of time and presents new knowledge as it is revealed by his own work in physics.

Time, he argues, is like an onion with many layers. If all the layers are known to us then time could actually be explained in terms of those layers rather than being a standalone concept. That is, the variable of time may no longer be required in the theory of everything. If you want to know this and other facts in much more detail this book is a must read!


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