10 Hard-Hitting Differences Between Astronomy and Astrology

Oct 4, 2020 0 comments
difference between astrology and astronomy why astronomy is better than astrology

1. Every newspaper in the world has a daily column on astrology. Not a single paper carries even a weekly column on astronomy. (Carl Sagan)


2. That is most certainly because astronomy is a science whereas astrology is a profitable business that plays with people's gullibility.

3. There's a Nobel Prize for deserving astronomers (that due to astronomy being a branch of physics) whereas there's no such honor for astrology since it's pseudoscience having literally no physical validity to it. (Read: Astronomers win physics Nobel Prize 2019 for more)

4. Astrology says that even the remotest objects (such as planet Saturn) could have the most profound influences on an individual sitting on some corner of the pale blue dot.

5. Astronomy, on the other hand, is a more humbling system of studies. This, however, does not imply that it's not poetically beautiful. For example, it says that We are made from remnants of the dead stars, which is pretty impressive, honestly speaking!

6. According to historians, astrology is merely 2,500 years old. On the contrary, the first thinking erect human being was an astronomer. They, who looked up in wonder, and wondered, "What's out there?"

7. Hence, astronomy is a natural tendency (aka curiosity) whereas astrology is not. As mentioned before, astrology is a business which profits off of people's problems.

8. Astronomy is a healthy activity for kids since they could gather round a telescope and observe what's big out there. Whereas, sincere belief in astrology, puts them little ones inside their own bubbles of character traits and they grow up asking everyone they meet: "What's your star sign?"

9. Astrology is superficially comforting. Astronomy, on the contrary, pleases the very core of the person and so much so that they go on to paint the "Starry Night" despite being disregarded and abused by their own people.

10. Even if you delete whole of human history, astronomy will come up again in the same manner since it's a fact. And because astrology is just made up non-sense, but that which makes a buttload of money, it will also come up again but not in the same way it's today (since it's not fact).


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