At the start of every month, we organize online contests and reward the winners. Participants of all ages join in to test themselves and to have fun also. This page has a list of previous winners.

If you also want to become part of it, please join our Facebook group. All the updates regarding the contest will be posted there. You may also (alternative method) subscribe by email and get access to the monthly contest from inbox.

Past winners

➜ Harave Shantha (Nov, 2019) winner of Stephen Hawking poster

➜ Gaurav Jain (Oct, 2019) winner of Stephen Hawking poster
Pradipta Pathak (Sep, 2019) winner of Amazon gift card
➜ Tushar Gosain (Aug, 2019) winner of Albert Einstein t-shirt

➜ Anirban Pal (Jul, 2019) winner of Isaac Newton t-shirt