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The physics show with Stephen Hawking

Jan 30, 2020 0 comments

Stephen Hawking was an English theoretical physicist, probably the most famous genius of the modern age. His scientific works include a c...

First Mega Physics Festival in India

Jan 26, 2020 0 comments

After making brief stoppages in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata in 2019, the first official large-scale physics festival (mainly on CERN ...

How'd 2019 go for physics and astronomy?

Jan 21, 2020 0 comments

The past year was an eventful one, with several groundbreaking discoveries in astronomy, some bold and futuristic inventions in physics,...

Read Stephen Hawking's Final Physics Paper

Jan 16, 2020 0 comments

The late physicist Stephen Hawking made a huge contribution to cosmology during his lifetime, but he didn’t quite manage to resolve all...

Knowledge of physics can save family from falling apart

Jan 9, 2020 0 comments

It was the usual Monday morning for the Sharma family. The always so masterful mom Shweta prepared their breakfast in the kitchen while th...

Common Myths About Quantum Physics

Jan 4, 2020 3 comments

I have been popularising quantum physics, my area of research, for many years now. The general public finds the topic fascinating and co...

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