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10 Engineers Who Won Nobel Prize In Physics

Dec 5, 2021 2 comments

It is not surprising that there are many engineers whose first passion is physics (or mathematics). However, under unavoidable circumstances...

5 Discoveries at CERN That Rocked The World

Nov 17, 2021 0 comments

More than 12,000 scientists from 110 nationalities work at CERN whose discoveries shape the future of technology and advance our understandi...

10 Famous Physicists Who Played Chess

Oct 24, 2021 3 comments

Chess is a tactical board game that is enjoyed by professionals and hobbyists all over the world. It is well known that chess playing not on...

How to become a physicist like Isaac Newton?

Sep 16, 2021 3 comments

Did you know that Isaac Newton 's mother wanted him to become a farmer? He was 16 at the time and busied himself by building model windm...

How Carl Anderson discovered antimatter

Aug 30, 2021 1 comments

British physicist Paul Dirac showed in 1928 that every particle in the universe should have an antiparticle with the same mass as its twin,...

Steven Weinberg's four tips for aspiring scientists

Jul 27, 2021 6 comments

Steven Weinberg (1933-2021) was an American physicist who worked alongside Pakistani physicist Abdus Salam to unify electromagnetic and wea...

All science is either physics or stamp collecting

Jul 24, 2021 0 comments

What is science? In one simple sentence, science is the study of nature. However, different sciences like: astronomy, chemistry, biology, ge...

What motivated them to become physicists?

Jul 19, 2021 5 comments

While several physicists like James Clerk Maxwell , John von Neumann and Lev Landau were child prodigies, most of the scientific greats dev...

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