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About us

Physics is the study of the very large – galaxies – and the very small – atoms. The applications of physics are a part of our everyday life as in technologies like smartphone, airplane and eyeglasses.

The subject matter of physics can be broadly categorized into mechanics, heat, optics, sound, electromagnetism, atoms (and nuclei) and astronomy. These are the seven wonders of physics.

Our influences

Our work is influenced by physicist Richard Feynman who taught the world how to love physics and astronomer Carl Sagan whose goal in life was to speak for the sciences in general.

Science is more than just a body of knowledge, it is a way of thinking. On wonders of physics, we wish to celebrate the contributions of physicists and encourage scientific temper in the digital generation.

About writer

Vedang Sati is a student from New Delhi and has a first class honours degree in physics. About writing, he says: Keeping a niche blog is a thankless job but when you are in love, you want to tell the world.

He started out as an engineering student. However, two years into it Vedang dropped out and pursued a bachelor in science instead. Wonders of Physics began as a side project in Jan, 2019 and continues to this date.

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