About us

Aug 24, 2019 0 comments
Physics is the study of the very large (galaxies) and the very small (atoms). It is everywhere around us: In fact, the applications of physics are part of our everyday experience as in technologies like MRI, computer and airplane.

Why wonders of physics? The subject matter of physics can be broadly categorized into mechanics, heat, optics, sound, electromagnetism, atoms (and nuclei) and astronomy. These combined together formulate, what we call, the seven wonders of physics.


Our work is largely influenced by physicist Richard Feynman (who made physics presentable and showed everyone the role of a great teacher) and astronomer Carl Sagan (whose goal in life was to popularize science in general).

Both Feynman and Sagan were contemporaries, although Feynman was semi-retired when Sagan was in his heyday, but their meeting (if it ever happened) never was recorded. We plan to keep their mission alive with our little contribution.