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10 Famous Physicists Who Played Chess

Oct 24, 2021

Chess is a tactical board game that is enjoyed by professionals and hobbyists all over the world. It is well known that chess playing not on...

10 Albert Einstein Quotes To Succeed In Life

Mar 11, 2021

Apart from making groundbreaking discoveries in physics, Albert Einstein also played the role of a motivational guru quite often. So, follow...

5 Qualities That Made Albert Einstein Genius

Feb 28, 2021

Collaborative instinct Einstein mastered the art of collaboration like no other physicist of the time. He worked with his first wife Mileva ...

5 True Love Stories In The Physics World

Feb 14, 2021

Marie and Pierre In Pierre, she found a caring, brilliant lab partner. In Marie , he discovered the love of his life. And together they went...

5 Deserving Indians Who Did Not Win Nobel Prize

Feb 9, 2021

Yes, lately, there have been many Indian-American Nobel Laureates. But there is, so far, only one, let's say, "wholly Indian" ...

10 Galileo Quotes To Change Your Life

Feb 5, 2021

Galileo played a major role in the scientific revolution during the Renaissance period. He was the first to discover the rings of Saturn. Hi...

10 Discoveries By Newton That Changed The World

Jan 4, 2021

Isaac Newton is one of the few names that will forever be enshrined in physics history and that too with a lot of glamour associated. Contri...

5 Physicists Who Were Musically Gifted

Sep 20, 2020

Even though physics and music are two wildly separate fields...what is life without both of them? Without physics, there is no chemistry or ...

5 Poems Written By Famous Physicists

Sep 2, 2020

Although they mostly employ mathematical language in order to describe nature...but from time to time, physicists cave in to poetry. In...

5 Talents of Richard Feynman Other Than Physics

Aug 22, 2020

Richard Feynman was one of the world’s greatest scientists who won a Nobel Prize for physics in 1965. But we recognize him more as an o...

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