10 Examples of Physics In Daily Life

Physics is all around us and not just in books. Without physics, neither you nor I would exist. Physics is beautiful. Why I love physics.
Physics is not just about solving the problems and finding the right answer. From atoms to galaxies, everything is governed by physical laws. Not only is physics responsible for modern technology but also an active part of day to day life without us even realizing.

Following are ten such examples of physics in daily life:

1. In winter season, the act of rubbing your hands together to create warmth is a norm. Friction generates heat as well as responsible for static electricity. Have you heard sparkling noise while removing woollen clothes?

2. The refrigerator is made up of sheet metal so we can have thermal insulation between the strong metal and the food inside. That is why we use the surface of fridge to hold up a magnetic note or picture.

physics examples in daily life

3. As we throw a basketball into the hoop or hit the soccer ball with foot, the curve traced by ball is called a parabola, and there is a certain angle at which you need to throw the projectile so it covers maximum distance. Athletes use this physics all the time.

4. Feeling the pressure change when riding in an elevator. Not only that, when you move from plains to mountains, there is also a pressure change and breathing becomes more difficult. This also happens with divers.

5. Using glasses or contact lenses to correct vision. Approximately 64% of adults use some form of vision correction, including eyeglasses, contact lenses, and/or vision correction surgery. Also, rear view mirror in vehicles is a convex mirror, bulged outward, to give a wider field of view.

6. Semiconductor physics used in electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and TVs. When we buy a new smartphone, we tend to compare which chip the device is powered by.

examples of physics in daily life

7. When a baseball pitcher throws a curveball, the spin on the ball creates a pressure difference on its surface, causing it to curve due to Bernoulli's principle.

8. Ferrofluids are used in high end speakers to improve sound quality. Ferrofluids are liquids that become strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field, thus dampening vibrations, and cooling the speaker coils.

8. Flicking a light switch involves a combination of mechanical and electrical processes. When the switch is flipped, it completes an electrical circuit, allowing current to flow and illuminate the light bulb.

9. The popping of popcorn kernels occurs due to the buildup of steam inside the kernel as it heats up. When the pressure inside the kernel exceeds its structural integrity, it explodes, turning inside out to form the fluffy snack we enjoy.

physics examples in daily life

10. Elasticity is everywhere around us - from springs to rubber bands to bouncing a ball. Even trains are powered by thick metal springs. Springs are also used as a power source in mechanical watches.

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