5 True Love Stories In The Physics World

Love in physics described by poetry as Valentine's day 2022 is coming soon
love stories in physics

Marie and Pierre

In Pierre, she found a caring, brilliant lab partner. In Marie, he discovered the love of his life. And together they went on to win the Nobel Prize.

Richard and Arline

Despite being from two separate worlds, they were united by the threads of love. Richard and Arline (although they weren't meant to be forever) their love became an example for you and me.

Carl and Ann

Carl was lost, perhaps like an asteroid drifting through space and time. Enter Ann Druyan while filming of Cosmos; together they ignited a romantic fire.

carl sagan ann druyan love story valentines day

Stephen and Jane

When Stephen was in need, she was there beside him. Like a shoulder of support during the declining state of her man. Stephen and Jane prove that true love need not fear the inevitable ills of life.

Paul and Margit

All his life he was waiting to share his thoughts and feelings with someone he could trust and admire. Paul and Margit happened to meet although by chance but their chemistry like a classical love story it transpired.

paul dirac love story valentines day margit wigner

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