5 Quotes By James Maxwell To Inspire Students

Physicist Maxwell's work on electromagnetic radiation is considered on par with Newton and Einstein. Maxwell equations were developed with Faraday.
james clerk maxwell quotes

James Clerk Maxwell [1831-1879] was a Scottish physicist and mathematician who is best known for equations which unified electricity, magnetism and light into one coherent subject of electromagnetism. As a result of his work, Maxwell is considered one of the greatest physicists of all time.

Maxwell lived a short but a truly fulfilling academic life, regarded on par with Newton and Einstein. He is also known as the founder of the modern field of electrical engineering. Maxwell died of stomach cancer but inspired many, including Tesla, with his words.

Following are five motivational quotes by James Maxwell:

1. The world may be utterly crazy, and life may be labour in vain; But I'd rather be silly than lazy, and would not quit life for its pain.

2. It is of great advantage to the student of any subject to read the original memoirs on that subject, when we take some interest in the great discoverers and their lives that science becomes endurable, and only when we begin to trace the development of ideas.

3. In every branch of knowledge the progress is proportional to the amount of facts on which to build, and therefore to the facility of obtaining data.

4. The equations at which we arrive must be such that a person of any nation, by substituting the numerical values of the quantities as measured by his own national units, would obtain a true result.

5. Every man has been given a progressively increasing power of communication with other creatures.  Happiness is indissolubly connected with the full exercise of these powers in their intended direction.

James Clerk Maxwell died early, but he was able to capture the attention of scientific community with his work for a long time. He was inspired by Faraday and went on to inspire the likes of Einstein and Tesla.

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