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10 Shows That Physics Students Will Enjoy

Jun 27, 2021 0 comments

While there are several movies and documentaries that appeal mainly to science students, there are not a whole lot of TV shows that a scie...

10 Nobel Prize Winning Families In Science

Jun 16, 2021 0 comments

The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious award given for intellectual achievement in the world. While there have been several controversial s...

Greatest Carl Sagan Quotes On Science And Life

Nov 8, 2020 1 comments

Carl Sagan was the man who brought astronomy into our living rooms with his masterpiece, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, which was viewed by o...

Real Geniuses Who Appeared on The Big Bang Theory

Mar 30, 2020 2 comments

The Big Bang Theory had a successful run on TV having broadcast a total 279 episodes over the course of twelve years. The show w...

Examples of physics from everyday life

Jul 26, 2019 2 comments

Not every student will grow up and study physics on a deeper level, but physics extends well into our daily life, describing the motion...

Top 10 Experiments in Physics History

May 28, 2019 5 comments

large hadron collider Physics is an exploratory science. New experiments in physics change or expand our existing knowledge in one ...

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